Polyester fiber for homemade and industry

We have been producing non-woven fabrics and fluffy fillings since 2008.

Polyester Wadding

We supply furniture wadding in the grammage of 80-300 g/m2 and a width up to 3.2 m!

In addition to its stable density, our craft wadding has a great fluffiness and high tear resistance and is flame retardant. The joining process takes place at high temperatures. Raw materials have appropriate approvals. This polyester cotton can also be used as a handicraft felt, decorative fleece, filter fleece and warming for clothing. For the production of padding we use different fiber mixtures, for the most part we use fibers from the recycling process.

We supply the wadding in rolls with a width of 1.6 m +/- 9.6 kg as standard.

  • Roll “80” 1.6mx75m, 120m2
  • Roll “100” 1.6mx60m, 96m2
  • Roll “150” 1.6mx40m, 64m2
  • Roll “200” 1.6mx30m, 48m2
  • Roll “300” 1,6mx20mb, 32m2

We provide various dimensions and weights for regular partners. For quilting machines, cutters, given elements. Anything to minimize waste. We collect post-production leftovers.

Polyester fiberball / Polyester Filling

Often called artificial fluff, it’s made of thin, siliconized polyester fibers that are combed and carded into small balls. The fibers have an air channel and are additionally twisted, which gives the product width, fluffiness and elasticity. The filling is characterized by high tear, bending and abrasion resistance. It is resistant to light, chemical and biological factors.

The polyester ball is an unrivaled product that is widely used. It can be used for stuffing upholstery and bedding pillows, quilts, jackets, animal beds, toys, etc.

The offer includes:

  • HCS regenerated silicone ball
  • HCS original silicone ball
  • Flame retardant polyester ball
  • Mixes with PUR foam


Pillow inserts are an integral part of upholstered furniture, bedding or for example toys.

We produce backrest cushions, seats, corner cushions, cushions, armrests, quilts, animal beds etc. We sew from wigofil non-woven fabric and we fill it with the offered filling.

Filling / stuffing / taxidermy

Do you have a product: beds, toys, pillows, teddy bears, etc? Stuffing gives you a lot of problems (time, labor, space, conditions, clutter, filler)?

We have a ready solution for that! You will receive your product filled as required, sewn and packed in bulk packaging.

Production facilities

Polyester Wadding

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63-640 Bralin

Polyester Filling / Cushions

Drożki 33
63-630 Rychtal

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Polyester Wadding

Polyester Filling / Cushions

We manufacture our fillings using selected raw materials from the world leaders. High quality is confirmed by appropriate certificates and quality control programs. In production, we use materials derived from the processing of secondary raw materials. Our products enable further recycling and reuse. In the process of processing, the company uses energy from renewable sources.

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